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  • £142.32 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Web Spray Bulk Tank is a high-quality spray adhesive designed for fast drying and permanent bonding across a wide range of substrates.   Key features include: Versatile Bonding: The Web Spray Bulk Tank is suitable for permanently bonding various materials including wood, metals, rubber, most plastics, cardboard, polythene, concrete, and decorative laminates. Multi-Purpose Application: Ideal for a wide variety of substrates, providing excellent initial bond strength for permanent bonds. Temperature Resistance: Offers good temperature resistance an
  • £2.46 - £57.02 ex. VAT
    £2.46 - £57.02 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Mitre Bonding Kit is a specialized set comprising a high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator designed for swift bonding, achieving a strong hold in just 10 seconds. Perfect for wood mitre joints and various other applications, this kit excels on vertical surfaces, boasting a non-drip and non-slump formula. Mitre MDF Kit shines when bonding challenging substrates with porous or uneven characteristics.   Key Points: Rapid bonding in just 10 seconds Suitable for wood mitre joints and versatile applications Ideal for vertical surfaces, pr
  • £7.94 - £3,572.10 ex. VAT
    £7.94 - £3,572.10 ex. VAT
      Bond It Felt Adhesive is a high-quality adhesive specially formulated for bonding roofing felt to a variety of substrates. This versatile adhesive offers excellent adhesion and durability, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond. Whether you're repairing or installing roofing felt, it provides the reliability and performance you need for a successful roofing project.   Key Points: - Strong and Secure Bond: Bond It Felt Adhesive creates a strong and secure bond between roofing felt and various substrates, including wood, metal, concrete, and bituminous surfaces. It forms
  • £12.91 - £61.14 ex. VAT
    £12.91 - £61.14 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Exterior Water Seal stands is a premiem solution, offering a clear, high-performance waterproof treatment tailored for exterior porous surfaces, including brickwork, asbestos, and cement. Crafted with a water-repellent formula, it excels in safeguarding exterior surfaces from moisture and weather damage. Key points include: Premium Protection: Water Seal delivers superior protection against water penetration, ensuring long-lasting durability for exterior surfaces. Versatile Application: Its adaptable nature makes it suitable for various porous surfaces, offer
  • £14.00 - £73.61 ex. VAT
    £14.00 - £73.61 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem SBR Bond is a water-based dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer, non-ionically stabilized and resistant to hydrolysis. Key Points: Stabilized Dispersion: This product offers a stable dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer, ensuring reliability in various applications. Freeze-Thaw Stable: The dispersion remains stable even through freeze-thaw cycles, providing consistent performance in changing conditions. Compatibility: It contains an antioxidant and is compatible with most hydraulic binders, ensuring versatility and
  • £6.99 - £46.82 ex. VAT
    £6.99 - £46.82 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Contract PVA is a versatile product with several key features:   Multi-purpose Functionality: It serves as a bonding agent, primer sealer, cement filler, and plaster admixture, catering to various construction and DIY needs. Compatibility: Adheres to most common building and DIY materials, excluding PVC and rubber, ensuring broad applicability across different projects. Versatility: Contract PVA is ideal for priming unsound surfaces before plastering or painting, acting as an adhesive for wood, cork, textiles, and porous surfaces, and providing gene
  • £5.47 - £78.57 ex. VAT
    £5.47 - £78.57 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem D3 Wood Adhesive is a premium solution for wood bonding with the following key features:   High Strength and Water Resistance: This clear-drying adhesive offers superior strength and water resistance, making it suitable for various wood bonding applications, both indoors and outdoors. Fast Curing: With a fast curing time, D3 Wood Adhesive sets quickly to provide an impact-resistant bond, ensuring efficient project completion. Versatile Use: Perfect for interior and exterior woodworking, joinery, household tasks, DIY projects,
  • £2.23 - £25.76 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Spray Contact Adhesive is a versatile solution with the following key features: Multi-Purpose Adhesive: Ideal for bonding a diverse range of substrates where a rapid and robust bond is essential, including wood, concrete, carpets, metals, rubber, fabric, tiles, stone, insulation, most plastics, cardboard, paper, foam, cork, and polyethylene. Excellent Temperature Resistance: Offers outstanding resistance to varying temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in different environmental conditions. Fast and Easy Application: Provides a quick-drying applicatio
  • £1.68 - £19.44 ex. VAT
    £1.68 - £19.44 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem PVCu Activator is an essential component that, when paired with AlphaChem high viscosity superglue, facilitates the rapid formation of a high-strength bond in just 10 seconds.   Key features include: Versatile Application: Specifically designed for use on PVC, PVCu, and various plastics, offering versatility across different materials and surfaces, including rough and vertical surfaces. Non-Yellowing Formula: PVCu Activator ensures that bonded surfaces retain their original color, as it does not cause yellowing over time, maintaining the aesthetic a
  • £7.84 - £70.48 ex. VAT
    £7.84 - £70.48 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem PVA Bond is a versatile product tailored for various applications within the building industry, boasting the following key features:   Enhanced Adhesion: Offers greatly improved adhesion to a diverse range of substrates, including dense concrete, glass, steel, and tiles, ensuring reliable bonding performance. Thinner Applications: Mixes can be applied in much thinner sections, enhancing resistance to salt permeation and reducing surface dusting of concrete. Improved Flexibility: Enhances the flexibility of sand cement products, allowing for greater
  • £0.99 - £16.07 ex. VAT
    £0.99 - £16.07 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Superglue is a high viscosity, specialized adhesive designed for exceptional bonding performance across a wide array of plastics and rubbers, offering rapid curing capabilities.   Key features include: Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for bonding various materials, including wood, paper, leather, metals, and other common substrates, ensuring broad applicability. Enhanced Performance: Formulated to provide superior bonding strength, ideal for applications where fast cure speed is essential, facilitating efficient project completion. Compatibility
  • £4.07 - £47.14 ex. VAT
    £4.07 - £47.14 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Web Spray Aerosol is a high-performance adhesive designed for efficient and permanent bonding across diverse substrates.   Key features include: Fast-Drying and High Tack: Offers rapid drying time and high tackiness, ensuring quick and secure bonding of various materials. Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for bonding wood, metals, rubber, most plastics, cardboard, polythene, concrete, and decorative laminates, providing versatility for different applications. Permanent Bond: Provides a permanent bond with excellent temperature resistance, ensuring