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  • £30.56 - £134.20 ex. VAT
    £30.56 - £134.20 ex. VAT
      Cromar RubberCoat is a versatile high-performance coating suitable for brush, roll-on, and spray applications. It forms a durable, seamless, waterproof membrane that can be applied over various surfaces like concrete, wood, brick, and metal. Key points:   Versatile application methods - brush, roll-on, and spray. Forms a durable, seamless, waterproof membrane. Solvent-free and non-flammable composition. Suitable for challenging waterproofing projects on diverse surfaces.       For more information on our range of water
  • £12.91 - £61.14 ex. VAT
    £12.91 - £61.14 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Exterior Water Seal stands is a premiem solution, offering a clear, high-performance waterproof treatment tailored for exterior porous surfaces, including brickwork, asbestos, and cement. Crafted with a water-repellent formula, it excels in safeguarding exterior surfaces from moisture and weather damage. Key points include: Premium Protection: Water Seal delivers superior protection against water penetration, ensuring long-lasting durability for exterior surfaces. Versatile Application: Its adaptable nature makes it suitable for various porous surfaces, offer
  • £12.35 - £54.39 ex. VAT
    £12.35 - £54.39 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Block & Paving Seal is a robust solution for safeguarding block pavers and masonry. It offers long-lasting protection to a diverse range of materials, including concrete, screeds, brickwork, masonry, and fibrous sheet materials.   Effective Protection: Formulated to provide durable penetrative sealing, Block & Paving Seal effectively shields various surfaces against water infiltration and air-borne pollutants. Versatile Application: Suitable for both new and existing concrete and masonry, this sealer offers versatile protection across different
  • £18.82 - £72.58 ex. VAT
    £18.82 - £72.58 ex. VAT
      Cromar Allweather Roof Coat is a solvent-based, cold-applied bituminous compound fortified with organic fibers for added strength and stability. Here are four key points about this versatile product:   Rapid Waterproofing: This general-purpose roof coating quickly resists water infiltration almost immediately upon application, making it particularly suitable for winter use. Versatile Application: Allweather Roofing Compound is designed to reseal, waterproof, and repair various roof coverings, including asphalt, built-up felt, concrete roof decks, asbestos-cement shee
  • £18.02 - £69.50 ex. VAT
    £18.02 - £69.50 ex. VAT
      Cromar Black Bitumen Paint provides reliable waterproofing and weather protection with Cromar Black Bituminous Paint, a solvent-based solution ideal for safeguarding steelwork, asphalt, wood, and concrete. This general-purpose black paint forms an odourless and taint-free bitumen film upon drying, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics. Below are its key features:   Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including steel, iron, lead, zinc, aluminium, concrete, stone, and brick, providing versatility in usage. Waterproof and Weatherproof: Fo
  • £72.97 ex. VAT
      Cromar Cromapol Reinforcement Scrim is a versatile fibreglass fabric designed to complement Cromar's Cromapol Waterproof Roof Coating. Coated with a weave lock, this scrim provides dimensional stability to the fabric, ensuring reliable performance. Below are its key features:   Additional Reinforcement: Useful wherever additional reinforcement is needed, such as standard gutters, splits in felt and asphalt roofing, and cracks in corrugated asbestos and gutters. Effective Bridging: Cromapol's high fibre content enables it to bridge small gaps, requiring only a single c
  • £23.45 - £84.35 ex. VAT
    £23.45 - £84.35 ex. VAT