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  • £5.89 - £631.50 ex. VAT
    £5.89 - £631.50 ex. VAT
      Bond It Brick Acid is a powerful and effective cleaning solution specifically formulated for the removal of stubborn stains, mortar residues, efflorescence, and other deposits from brickwork, concrete, and masonry surfaces. It provides a reliable solution for restoring the original appearance of these materials and improving their overall aesthetic appeal.   Key Points: 1. Highly Effective Cleaning: Bond It Brick Acid is designed to tackle tough stains and deposits commonly found on brickwork and masonry surfaces. Its powerful formula efficiently dissolves and removes d
  • £3.57 - £17.33 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Accelerator, Frostproofer and Hardener is a heat-generating accelerator designed for cement-based mixes. Here are four key points about Accelerator, Frostproofer & Hardener:   High Early Strength: Facilitates the production of high early strength concrete, cement render, and mortar, ensuring rapid development of strength. Cold Weather Aid: Accelerator, Frostproofer and Hardener is suitable for use as an aid to cold weather working, as the heat generated offsets the retarding effect of low temperatures, allowing for efficient construction in colder c
  • £2.11 - £10.65 ex. VAT
    £2.11 - £10.65 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Mortar Plasticiser is specifically crafted to enhance the workability and freeze-thaw resistance of brick and block laying mortars. Here are four key points about Mortar Plasticiser:   Enhanced Workability: Ensures that mortar remains plastic on the board and does not stiffen prematurely, facilitating smoother application. Improved Consistency: Prevents mortar from segregating or bleeding, maintaining uniformity throughout the mixing and application process. Reduced Drying Shrinkage: Decreases the likelihood of mortar drying out and shrinking, result
  • £3.37 - £13.01 ex. VAT
    £3.37 - £13.01 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem 3 in 1 Admixture is a versatile solution designed to waterproof, plasticize, and retard to enhance workability and minimize water penetration in render mixes. Here are four key points about TriAdmix Triple Action Admixture:   Triple Action Formula: This admixture offers threefold benefits, serving as a waterproofing agent, plasticizer, and retarder, thereby improving workability and reducing water penetration. Increased Efficiency: By allowing larger areas to be covered in a single application, 3 in 1 Admixture streamlines the re
  • £3.49 - £33.62 ex. VAT
    £3.49 - £33.62 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem More2Mix is a highly potent solution tailored for bricklaying and plastering mortars, aimed at improving workability and freeze-thaw resistance. Here are four key points about More2Mix:   Highly Concentrated Formula: This product is highly concentrated, with 1 liter capable of producing 25 liters of ready-to-use mortar, offering exceptional value and efficiency. Enhanced Performance: More2Mix reduces the risk of cracking and crazing, ensuring a smoother and more durable finish. Convenient Packaging: Packaged in a convenient bo
  • £5.24 - £30.29 ex. VAT
    £5.24 - £30.29 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Powder Mortar Tone is a versatile powder colourant designed for permanent pigmentation of various mortars, rendering, pointing, and concrete applications. Here are four key points:   Permanent Pigmentation: This product offers long-lasting colouration, ensuring vibrant and consistent hues in all types of mortars, rendering, pointing, and concrete mixes. Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of construction tasks, it provides pigmenting capabilities for various mortar types, rendering projects, pointing work, and concrete applications. Enh
  • £13.65 - £52.65 ex. VAT
    £13.65 - £52.65 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Liquid Mortar Tone is an iron oxide-based liquid dye that provides permanent coloration to all types of mortars, rendering, pointing, and concrete.   Versatile Application: Liquid Mortar Tone caters to a wide range of construction needs, offering enduring coloration for various mortar applications. Three Color Options: Available in Black, Brown, and Red shades, users can choose the hue that best suits their project requirements. Storage Guidelines: To maintain product integrity, it's essential to keep the container firmly sealed when not in use and s
  • £9.48 - £36.56 ex. VAT
    £9.48 - £36.56 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Stabilising Solution is a low viscosity solution designed to consolidate dusting, chalking, or friable surfaces, providing a stable base for redecoration.   Surface Consolidation: The solution effectively consolidates dusting, chalking, or friable surfaces, ensuring a suitable base for redecoration. Versatile Application: With coverage ranging from 25-30m² per 5 liters on smooth surfaces, it adapts to various textured surfaces, though coverage may decrease on rough or highly absorbent surfaces. Drying Time: Depending on atmospheric conditions, it t
  • £3.29 - £16.55 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Concrete Hardener & Dustproofer is an essential solution for cement-based flooring. This reactive treatment is designed to address both new floors and combat dusting on older, inadequately laid surfaces. By hardening and sealing the concrete floor, it not only enhances durability but also provides a dust-proof layer, thereby extending the floor's lifespan significantly. Key Points: Reactive treatment for cement-based flooring, suitable for both new and old floors suffering from dusting issues. Hardens and seals the surface, enha
  • £14.00 - £73.61 ex. VAT
    £14.00 - £73.61 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem SBR Bond is a water-based dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer, non-ionically stabilized and resistant to hydrolysis. Key Points: Stabilized Dispersion: This product offers a stable dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer, ensuring reliability in various applications. Freeze-Thaw Stable: The dispersion remains stable even through freeze-thaw cycles, providing consistent performance in changing conditions. Compatibility: It contains an antioxidant and is compatible with most hydraulic binders, ensuring versatility and
  • £10.64 - £2,570.85 ex. VAT
    £10.64 - £2,570.85 ex. VAT
      Bond It SBR Admixture is a premium synthetic rubber-based additive designed to enhance the performance and properties of cementitious materials. It acts as a bonding agent, waterproofing agent, and improves the overall durability and workability of various construction applications.   Key Points: 1. Superior Bonding Strength: Bond It SBR Admixture provides excellent bonding strength between different substrates, including old and new concrete, masonry, brickwork, and stone. It enhances the adhesion properties, ensuring a strong and reliable bond, which is crucial for va
  • £7.42 - £3,180.00 ex. VAT
    £7.42 - £3,180.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Powdered Cement Dye is a high-quality pigment powder specially designed to add colour to cement-based products. It offers an easy and effective way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of various cement mixes, allowing for creative and customized finishes in construction and decorative applications. Key Points: 1. Vibrant Colour Options: Cement Dye provides a wide range of vibrant and attractive colours to choose from. Whether you're looking to achieve a natural earthy tone or a bold and contemporary shade, this pigment powder offers versatility and allows you to create the