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  • £7.94 - £3,572.10 ex. VAT
    £7.94 - £3,572.10 ex. VAT
      Bond It Felt Adhesive is a high-quality adhesive specially formulated for bonding roofing felt to a variety of substrates. This versatile adhesive offers excellent adhesion and durability, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond. Whether you're repairing or installing roofing felt, it provides the reliability and performance you need for a successful roofing project.   Key Points: - Strong and Secure Bond: Bond It Felt Adhesive creates a strong and secure bond between roofing felt and various substrates, including wood, metal, concrete, and bituminous surfaces. It forms
  • £1.92 - £803.20 ex. VAT
    £1.92 - £803.20 ex. VAT
      Bond It Mould Stop is a highly effective solution designed to prevent and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi on various surfaces. This specially formulated product provides long-lasting protection against moisture-related issues and helps maintain a clean and healthy environment.   Key Points: 1. Powerful Mold Prevention: Bond It Mould Stop offers reliable mold prevention properties. Its advanced formula creates a protective barrier on surfaces, preventing the growth and spread of mold and mildew. This helps to preserve the integrity of surfaces and reduces t
  • £19.82 - £3,186.00 ex. VAT
    £19.82 - £3,186.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint is a high-quality coating specifically formulated to enhance energy efficiency and reduce heat build-up on various surfaces. This innovative paint contains reflective pigments that reflect a significant portion of the sun's heat and light, helping to keep the coated surface cooler and reducing the need for excessive cooling measures. It provides a durable and long-lasting solution for both residential and commercial applications, offering excellent thermal insulation and energy savings.   Key Points: 1. Solar Reflective Propertie
  • £24.08 - £2,064.00 ex. VAT
    £24.08 - £2,064.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Chipping Solution: Your Ultimate Choice for Superior Performance Unlock the potential of seamless construction and unparalleled bonding with Bond It Chipping Solution, a revolutionary product designed to elevate your projects to new heights. Crafted with precision and innovation, this solution is a game-changer in the world of construction and bonding.   Key Features: Unrivaled Adhesion: Bond It Chipping Solution is engineered to provide unmatched adhesion on a variety of surfaces, ensuring a reliable and enduring bond. Whether you're working with concrete, s
  • £2.32 - £1,195.20 ex. VAT
    £2.32 - £1,195.20 ex. VAT
      Bond It Glass Cleaner is a high-quality cleaning solution designed specifically for glass surfaces. This glass cleaner provides a streak-free shine and effectively removes dirt, fingerprints, smudges, and other common contaminants, leaving your glass surfaces crystal clear and spotless. It is suitable for both residential and commercial use, making it an essential cleaning product for any glass surface.   Key Points: - Streak-Free Shine: Bond It Glass Cleaner ensures a streak-free finish on glass surfaces. Its advanced formula effectively lifts and removes dirt and grim
  • £8.39 - £4,312.80 ex. VAT
    £8.39 - £4,312.80 ex. VAT
      Bond It PVCu Solvent Cleaner is a high-quality cleaning solution specifically designed for the effective removal of dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from PVCu surfaces. This solvent cleaner offers a powerful cleaning action while being safe to use on PVCu materials, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.   Key Points: 1. Effective Cleaning: The Bond It PVCu Solvent Cleaner provides a highly effective solution for cleaning PVCu surfaces. It effectively removes dirt, grime, grease, and even stubborn stains, restoring the original shine
  • £10.64 - £2,570.85 ex. VAT
    £10.64 - £2,570.85 ex. VAT
      Bond It SBR Admixture is a premium synthetic rubber-based additive designed to enhance the performance and properties of cementitious materials. It acts as a bonding agent, waterproofing agent, and improves the overall durability and workability of various construction applications.   Key Points: 1. Superior Bonding Strength: Bond It SBR Admixture provides excellent bonding strength between different substrates, including old and new concrete, masonry, brickwork, and stone. It enhances the adhesion properties, ensuring a strong and reliable bond, which is crucial for va
  • £4.96 - £531.00 ex. VAT
    £4.96 - £531.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Frostproofer & Hardener, the ultimate solution for enhancing the frost resistance and durability of cement-based products. This premium additive is specially designed to improve the performance of mortar, concrete, and screeds in cold weather conditions. With this, you can achieve robust and long-lasting results, even in freezing temperatures.   Key Points: - Frost Resistance: Frostproofer & Hardener significantly improves the frost resistance of cement-based products. It helps to minimize the detrimental effects of freezing and thawing cycles, reducing