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  • £3.25 - £2,088.00 ex. VAT
    £3.25 - £2,088.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Rain Mate All Weather Sealant is the ultimate solution for effective weatherproofing and sealing. Specially formulated to provide exceptional protection against rainwater, this high-performance sealant is designed to keep your property dry and secure in any weather condition. With its superior quality and reliability, it's the go-to choice for all your waterproofing needs.   Key Points: • Superior Weatherproofing: Bond It Rain Mate is engineered to create a robust barrier against rainwater, preventing leaks and water ingress. Say goodbye to water damage and enjo
  • £2.66 - £1,710.00 ex. VAT
    £2.66 - £1,710.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Seal It Cracks & Edging Sealer is a premium-grade sealing solution designed to provide effective and long-lasting protection for cracks and edges. With its advanced formulation and easy application, this sealer is your go-to choice for achieving a professional finish and ensuring the durability of your surfaces. Whether you're working on driveways, walkways, or any other concrete or asphalt surfaces, Seal It Cracks & Edging Sealer offers outstanding performance and superior results.   Key Points: 1. Superior Crack Protection: Seal It Cracks & Edging
  • £2.79 - £91.13 ex. VAT
    £2.79 - £91.13 ex. VAT
      Bond It WP100 is a high-grade silicone, specifically engineered for perimeter sealing of external door and window frames. Key Points: Rapid Curing and Superior Adhesion: WP100 offers swift curing alongside excellent adhesion properties, ensuring efficient sealing for external wood, aluminium, and uPVC frames. Enhanced Compatibility with uPVC: Formulated with uPVC adhesion promoters, this silicone sealant showcases enhanced compatibility, making it ideal for sealing external frames, weatherproofing, and flexible jointing of infill panels. Certified Quality: WP100 is CE