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  • £3.25 - £2,088.00 ex. VAT
    £3.25 - £2,088.00 ex. VAT
      Bond It Rain Mate All Weather Sealant is the ultimate solution for effective weatherproofing and sealing. Specially formulated to provide exceptional protection against rainwater, this high-performance sealant is designed to keep your property dry and secure in any weather condition. With its superior quality and reliability, it's the go-to choice for all your waterproofing needs.   Key Points: • Superior Weatherproofing: Bond It Rain Mate is engineered to create a robust barrier against rainwater, preventing leaks and water ingress. Say goodbye to water damage and enjo
  • £3.78 - £91.13 ex. VAT
    £3.78 - £91.13 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem 800LMN+ is a premium-grade solution meticulously crafted for expansion joints and perimeter pointing.   Key Points: Rapid Curing & Low MEKO Formula: Engineered for efficiency, this silicone sealant boasts a fast curing time, reducing project downtime. Its low MEKO formula enhances application convenience without compromising performance. Superior Adhesion & Flexibility: Experience reliable bonding across a diverse range of construction substrates. With excellent adhesion properties, it ensures a secure seal for both indoor and outdoor appl
  • £3.35 - £80.66 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem Building Trades Silicone is a premium neutral cure silicone sealant meticulously formulated for weather sealing and glazing applications. Crafted exclusively for optimal adhesion, it seamlessly bonds to a diverse array of porous and non-porous substrates.   Key Features: Versatile Adhesion: Suitable for a wide range of surfaces, both porous and non-porous. Durable Weatherproof Seal: Forms a flexible UV, water, and weatherproof seal, ensuring long-lasting protection. Exceptional Resistance: Withstands exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and extreme
  • £4.45 - £51.52 ex. VAT
    £4.45 - £51.52 ex. VAT
      Cromar AlphaChem All Weather is a versatile adhesive and filler designed to excel in all weather conditions. This multi-purpose solution is uniquely formulated to perform even in rain and on wet or oily surfaces, making it indispensable for various applications. Specifically crafted as a bitumen and asphalt adhesive, it also adheres to most common substrates.   Key Points: Weatherproof: Provides reliable adhesion and filling capabilities in all weather conditions. Compatibility: All Weather is suitable for use with bitumen and copper. Overpaintable: Can be overpa
  • £12.87 - £5,281.20 ex. VAT
    £12.87 - £5,281.20 ex. VAT
      Bond It Floor & Glass Protectors are specially formulated solutions designed to provide effective protection for various types of flooring and glass surfaces. These high-quality products offer a durable and invisible barrier that helps guard against stains, scratches, and damage caused by daily wear and tear. Whether you have hardwood floors, laminate, vinyl, or glass surfaces, these protectors are the ideal solution to keep them looking pristine and well-maintained.   Key Points: 1. Invisible Protection: Floor & Glass Protectors offer invisible protection, ensu