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  • £7.32 - £1,961.25 ex. VAT
      Bond It Power Frost is a high-quality additive specifically formulated to protect mortar and concrete from frost damage. Designed for use in cold weather conditions, this concentrated frostproofer provides reliable frost resistance and ensures the durability of construction materials even in freezing temperatures.   Key Points: 1. Superior Frost Protection: Power Frost offers excellent frost resistance, safeguarding mortar and concrete from the harmful effects of freezing temperatures. It helps prevent the formation of ice crystals within the material, reducing the risk
  • £10.26 - £2,748.75 ex. VAT
      Bond It Power Proof Concentrated Waterproofer is a high-performance additive specifically designed to provide excellent waterproofing and protection to various construction materials. With its advanced formula, it offers reliable and long-lasting waterproofing capabilities, making it an essential product for a wide range of building projects.   Key Points: 1. Effective Waterproofing: Power Proof delivers exceptional waterproofing properties, preventing the penetration of water into surfaces such as concrete, brickwork, render, and screeds. It forms a durable barrier tha
  • £4.80 - £2,077.50 ex. VAT
    £4.80 - £2,077.50 ex. VAT
      Bond It Power Mix Concentrated Plasticiser is a high-quality additive designed to enhance the workability and performance of cement-based materials. It is specially formulated to improve the flow and plasticity of mortar and concrete mixes, making them easier to handle and ensuring optimal results in construction projects.   Key Points: 1. Improved Workability: Power Mix significantly improves the workability of cement-based mixes. It enhances the flow and spreadability of mortar and concrete, making them easier to mix, place, and work with during construction. 2. In