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  • £4.16 - £8,553.60 ex. VAT
    £4.16 - £8,553.60 ex. VAT
      Bond It Foil Tape is a high-quality adhesive tape designed for sealing and joining applications. With its strong adhesive backing and durable construction, this tape provides reliable sealing, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. Whether you need to seal HVAC ducts, insulation, or other surfaces, Foil Tape offers excellent adhesion and sealing properties.   Key Points: 1. Superior Adhesion: Bond It Foil Tape features a strong adhesive backing that provides excellent adhesion to various surfaces. The tape securely bonds to metals, plastics, foams, and other mater
  • £4.17 - £2,819.25 ex. VAT
    £4.17 - £2,819.25 ex. VAT
      Bond It Damp Proof Course is a high-quality and effective solution for preventing dampness and moisture from rising through walls and causing damage to buildings. This is designed to create a barrier that blocks the upward movement of water, providing long-lasting protection against dampness. With its reliable performance and easy application, Bond It Damp Proof Course is a trusted choice for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts.   Key Points: - Effective Damp Prevention: Bond It Damp Proof Course acts as a barrier against rising damp, which occurs when ground